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Biological Control : A Guide to Natural Enemies in North America Anthony Shelton, Ph.D., Professor of Entomology, Cornell University

Parasitoids Table of Contents


Anaphes flavipes by Richard Bean and Ashley Ciaglo
Atanycolus cappaerti by Ian Lane
Bathyplectes anurus and B. curculionis
Catolaccus grandis by Juan Morales-Ramos
Cotesia glomerata
Diadegma insulare
Diadromus pulchellus
Encarsia formosa by Mark Hoddle
Encarsia inaron by Charles H. Pickett
Eretmocerus eremicus by Mark Hoddle
Eriborus terebrans
Ibalia leucospoides ensiger by Derek Robertson and Kamal Gandhi
Lysiphlebus testaceipes
Macrocentrus cingulum (=grandii) Brischke by William R. Morrison III
Metaphycus alberti by Steve Stauffer
Muscidifurax raptor
Nealiolus curculionis
Peristenus digoneutis by William H. Day
Pholetesor ornigis
Tamarixia radiata by Jawwad A. Qureshi and Philip A. Stansly
Trichogramma ostriniae by Mike Hoffmann
Trissolcus basalis
Trissolcus euschisti by Kristin Deroshia (updated 3/5/2015)



Pseudacteon spp. by Lloyd W. Morrison
Trichopoda pennipes updated by Charles H. Pickett

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